Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oleanna (Julie K. Rose)

Title: Oleanna

Oleanna is aptly titled, as it is the story of Oleanna.  So many books proclaiming to be about one character wind up being about several secondary characters as well.  Not so with this book.  We are with Oleanna, we see the others through her eyes, and feel them with her emotions, but it is her story.  She is afraid and also coming alive with every page of the story.  The imagery was unbelievable!  I could almost feel the cold Norwegian air, even see my breath as Oleanna and I sat around a fire.  The dialogue was very realistic, with Oleanna sometimes saying more than she needed to, and not always in an eloquent manner, as so often happens in real life.  There were many times when in conversation with someone, Oleanna's questions would be put off with a change of subject, and you could feel her resentment and frustration.  This is a story about Oleanna coming to terms with herself, and it was a pleasure to be with her on her journey.  I would indeed recommend this book.  I haven't read anything at all about Norway at the turn of the century until this book, and the author represented the fear and excitement of change so well.  Very good read.

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