Sunday, September 1, 2013

Call Me Zelda (Erika Robuck)

Let's start playing September catch-up with this great book which was published in May. 

Call Me Zelda is the story of Zelda Fitzgerald (not just the wife of Scott!) and her nurse Anna.

Brilliant. This book was brilliant. Not only did the author follow the historical details, but she created characters who were fully-developed and real. The insight the author has into Zelda's mental illness is all lent to Nurse Anna as she cares for and bonds with Zelda Fitzgerald, sometimes seemingly to her own detriment.
  Nurse Anna has her own past, full of war, loss and unimaginable suffering, and as her story slowly unfolds,as she slowly gives more of herself to her patient, so does Zelda's. The story, the characters, the relationships all had such depth and honesty that it was somewhat bittersweet to watch it all unfold. 
From Nurse Anna's first star-struck encounter with Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, through the day to day all-consuming, draining care of a self-destructive schizophrenic, during the quiet garden conversations and even Zelda rescuing Nurse Anna from herself, this book was brilliant and I recommend it to anyone

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